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We’re just going to go ahead and pretend this Batman review has been on the website since May 2008, when it was written. So let’s all hop into the time machines that the Obama administration gave each household as part of the stimulus package, and head back to a time when the aforementioned Mr. Obama was still the junior senator from Illinois, and Billy Mays was still alive and well, using OxyClean to get the coke stains out of his flannel shirt.

This one is pretty much the same deal as the above entry, except it dates back to April 2008. Don’t worry, though, the backlog of ancient articles is dwindling, which means that soon I’ll be back to not writing any new material. That’s about it, I guess. Oh, I suppose you’ll be wanting
a link or something. It’s a review of Forbidden Kingdom, in case you were wondering. Or not. You know, whatever.

Welcome to the long-awaited new site! I thank you for your patience, which will now be inadequately rewarded with a
review of 10,000 BC.

Huff...pant...did I make it? Is it still Halloween? What? It was almost four weeks ago? Dammit, I knew I shouldn't have stopped to fill out that Home Legal Will Kit! Anyway, here's a
handy guide for getting a pet.

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