Team Gentlemen Productions
HustleMe Ajax - Live Show

Live entrepreneur pitching contest at the Lion & Dragon Pub in Ajax, July 2017.

HustleMe Testimonial -

60 second testimonial promo for HustleMe.

HustleMe Whitby -

60 second testimonial promo for HustleMe.

Purge Pilot -

When Dan Johnston dies on the operating table, he finds himself not in Hell but somewhere far worse: The Purge, a 24-hour call centre where atoning souls work the jobs that even out-sourced foreigners don't want.

HSF Appreciation Video - Short

12-hour video shoot challenge for Humber Students Federation. This short was written, storyboarded, shot, edited, & submitted in one day.

For The Greater Good -

Water is the foundation of all life, and clean drinking water, one of the planet's most valuable resources, is available to only a depressingly small percentage of the world's population. It makes little sense, then, to construct a landfill on a site that is home not only to fertile, productive farmland, but also some of the cleanest and most pure drinking water on Earth. It seems even more incredulous to discover that the landfill was created because its predecessor was shut down after toxic waste, having been dumped there illegally, was found to have leeched into the soil and contaminated the groundwater. But this is precisely what happened when the waste management officials of Simcoe County decided to construct Site 41.